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Thursday, April 19

11:15am EDT

Introduction to the Core Projects Track - Michael Jacobi, Altoros; Dr. Nic Willams, Stark & Wayne; & Dieu Cao, Pivotal
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Dieu Cao

Product Lead for Tanzu Application Service, Cloud Foundry Foundation PMC Council Chairperson, VMware
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Mike Jacobi

Director, Field Services, Altoros
Mike Jacobi is the Director of North America Field Services and Principal Solutions Architect at Altoros. He has over 20 years in IT in various roles such as systems and network administration and engineering, consulting, and management.
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Dr Nic Williams

CEO, Stark & Wayne
User and evangelist of Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Concourse CI, and BOSH. Author of books Concourse Tutorial and Ultimate Guide to BOSH. Awarded Cloud Foundry Champion 2018. CEO of Stark & Wayne.

Thursday April 19, 2018 11:15am - 11:25am EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B

11:25am EDT

CredHub and Secure Credential Management - Peter Blum & Scott Frederick, Pivotal
From the platform all the way down to the microservices which run upon it, secrets are everywhere and leaking them can be a costly experience. Understanding security best practices, such as encrypting secrets while in transit; encrypting secrets at rest; rotating secrets regularly; preventing secrets from unintentionally leaking when consumed by the final application; and strictly adhering to the principle of least-privilege, where an application only has access to the secrets that it needs—no more, no less.....can be daunting. A new Cloud Foundry Foundation project, CredHub, was designed for these reasons. This session will take a fresh look at how to enhance security within Cloud Foundry and applications through secret management by utilizing CredHub in conjunction with Spring Cloud Services.

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Peter Blum

Platform Architect, Pivotal
Peter is a Platform Architect with Pivotal and has worked with several customers to help deploy and run Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Prior he contributed to Diego Persistence components in Cloud Foundry, as well as the RackHD CPI for BOSH.

Scott Frederick

Scott Frederick is a Sr. Software Engineer at Pivotal, working on Spring Framework and Cloud Foundry open-source and commercial projects. Scott has been using CloudFoundry, Java, Groovy, and Spring since the early days of each of these technologies, to solve real-world problems... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 11:25am - 11:55am EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
  Core Projects

12:05pm EDT

Enhancing the Routing Tier in CF: Istio and Envoy for Ingress Routing - Aaron Hurley, Pivotal
Istio and Envoy are booming in the Open Source community. With heavy investments from industry-leading companies such as Google, IBM, and Lyft, these tools are developing at a rapid pace and continue to receive increased attention. The Cloud Foundry Routing team has been exploring how these technologies can contribute to the Cloud Foundry routing tier. With Istio and Envoy comes a lengthy list of features and enabling these in CF would provide a major benefit to all. We will provide our findings of how Istio and Envoy are able to contribute to Cloud Foundry’s ingress routing capabilities and what the future might hold.

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Aaron Hurley

Software Engineer, Pivotal
Aaron has been with Pivotal for over 3 years and is currently serving as the anchor for the Cloud Foundry Routing team. The team is currently focused on integrating Istio and Envoy into Cloud Foundry to enhance CF's ingress routing capabilities. Prior to the Routing team, Aaron had... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 12:05pm - 12:35pm EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
  Core Projects

12:45pm EDT

Cloud Foundry UAA Overview and Roadmap - Sree Tummidi, Pivotal
Have you wondered about how UAA secures Bosh, the CF runtime, the Apps running on CF and even other container runtimes like Kubernetes. In this session we will cover not just UAA but also take a closer look at the various identity protocols like OAuth, OpenID Connect and SAML which form the foundation for UAA.

In addition to this we will also cover the latest feature updates to UAA like Google Authenticator and OpenID Connect Session Management. Finally we will provide a peek into the roadmap and the big themes for 2018 !

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Sree Tummidi

Sr. Manager Product Management, Pivotal
Sree Tummidi is currently the Product Lead for Security at Pivotal. She has been with Pivotal for 4+ years driving the open source and proprietary roadmap for security including product management of Cloud Foundry UAA. She brings in more than 14 years of experience in the security... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 12:45pm - 1:15pm EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
  Core Projects

2:35pm EDT

BOSH 2017/18 - A Year in Review - Dr. Nic Williams, Stark & Wayne
BOSH and the entire ecosystem of BOSH releases and deployment projects went thru huge, exciting changes in 2017. For one, BOSH became easy and fun to use.

This session will be a rapid fire reivew of dozens of improvements to BOSH, BOSH releases, and BOSH deployments. If you want to get the most out of BOSH, then this is the session for you.

Not to be missed!


Dr. Nic Williams

Dr Nic Williams from Stark & Wayne is the author of the free online books Ultimate Guide to BOSH, https://ultimateguidetobosh.com, and Concourse Tutorial https://github.com/starkandwayne/concourse-tutorial, and one of the most active users and community members of BOSH, CF, CFCR... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 2:35pm - 3:05pm EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
  Core Projects

3:15pm EDT

The Keys to the Cloud: Centralizing and Improving Permissions in Cloud Foundry - Isobel Redelmeier, Pivotal
Have you ever had a developer who needed to push new code, but you didn't want them to see environment variables? Had to make everyone in a team Org Managers because it got too complicated to track what roles everyone needed? Or maybe you want to be able to make your own roles that combine permissions across components.

Perm, the new permissions service, aims to solve all of these problems. Perm centralizes access control across Cloud Foundry components so that you can better manage, audit, and even customize authorization decisions across your foundations. Perm is also integrating with external identity providers such as LDAP, making it easier to ensure all employees have the appropriate roles even as they switch teams across your enterprise.

For those rusty on authorization, the talk will provide background on different types of authorization systems, such as role-based access control (RBAC) and OAuth2.

In this talk, you'll learn about how Perm simplifies Cloud Foundry authorization, what Perm's roadmap looks like, and why we've made some of our bigger technical decisions. Most importantly, you'll learn how to improve the security of your platform overall!


Isobel Redelmeier

Isobel Redelmeier is a software engineer working on Cloud Foundry at Pivotal. She is currently the anchor of the Permissions team and has previously worked on CredHub.

Thursday April 19, 2018 3:15pm - 3:45pm EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
  Core Projects
  • Experience Level Any

3:55pm EDT

How Did Our Garden Grow? Advances in the Cloud Foundry App Runtime's Container Engine - Julian Friedman, IBM
Garden (the Cloud Foundry App Runtime's container engine, optimised for PaaS workloads) has had some incredibly cool upgrades in the past year. From massive security upgrades -- the ability to run without root, a first in the container ecosystem for a production runtime -- to experimenting with big performance and UX changes by exploiting layered images rather than untarring droplets to the new "Garden Peas" feature enabling sidecar containers for Cloud Foundry, this has been a very exciting year. This talk will cover everything operators and developers need to know about the runtime at the heart of Cloud Foundry.

As well as introducing the new features, the talk will explain how operators can interact with the runtime container bundles generated by Garden to debug, extend and operate the platform.


Thursday April 19, 2018 3:55pm - 4:25pm EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
  Core Projects

4:45pm EDT

The Tale of Two Runtimes: Kubernetes in Cloud Foundry - Konstantin Semenov, Pivotal
The Container Runtime, CFCR, has been recently introduced as part of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. It leverages Kubernetes to run all sorts of workloads.

The core CFCR team has been busy making sure that CFCR runs on multiple platforms, provides high availability, follows the best security practises, and integrates with CFAR, previously known as the Elastic Runtime.

As part of this presentation, a demo will be presented showing how 12-factor apps running on Application Runtime can leverage 3-rd party Docker packaged software with persistence, and what will happen during an infrastructure failure.

Attend this talk if you're interested in learning the available features of CFCR, or if you may be wondering when to use it, and how to get the best of both Application Runtime and the Container Runtime by using them alongside each other.

avatar for Konstantin Semenov

Konstantin Semenov

Principal Software Engineer, Pivotal
Konstantin is a Principal Software Engineer at Pivotal. He spent most of 2017 with his colleagues from Pivotal, Google, vmWare and Swisscom building CFCR (a.k.a Kubo). Before that he was leading and developing software products across a wide range of industries and technologies: from... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 4:45pm - 5:15pm EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
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5:25pm EDT

Cloud Foundry Platform Automation with Concourse - Dennis Gross, anynines
Operating production Cloud Foundry environments require short delivery cycles to constantly mitigate critical security updates and ship new features. Confronted with a rapidly growing number of Cloud Foundry environments, a consequent automation of administrative tasks is mandatory. Improving CI/CD pipelines is today’s systems administration!

This talk will walk through real-world Concourse CI/CD automation grown during years of operating Cloud Foundry. It will show how Concourse is vital for Cloud Foundry Application Runtime operations, data service automation and operations.

Learn about Concourse best practices to manage the lifecycle of Cloud Foundry environments to maximize your deployment pace. See how you can automate CloudFoundry release updates, test and ship new features from code to production through multiple staging systems and keep track on the outcome at the end of the day.

At the end of this talk, you’ll be keen to download Concourse and start automating your Cloud Foundry environment.

avatar for Dennis Groß

Dennis Groß

Platform Engineer, Anynines
As part of the anynines platform team, I work with Cloud Foundry and Bosh on a daily basis. I am an active volunteer for the Concourse community and my mission at anynines is to automize our Cloud Foundry driven Platform every day a bit more.anynines is a Cloud Foundry driven PaaS... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 5:25pm - 5:55pm EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
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Friday, April 20

11:25am EDT

Cloud Foundry Diego Update - Eric Malm, Pivotal
Do you love how simple and easy it is to push your application to Cloud Foundry but want to know what really happens to your app instances under the hood? Do you operate a Cloud Foundry deployment and need to understand how all its different components work together to keep applications running?

After years of development, Diego is now the official container runtime at the heart of Cloud Foundry, capable of managing even the largest CF deployments. In this talk, the project lead for the Diego team will survey how the Diego components interact inside of CF to run application instances and tasks and then dive into how those interactions have evolved over the past year to improve system stability, security, and scale. This talk will also review how recent work in Diego supports powerful platform capabilities such as isolation segments, application-identity certificates, and improved reliability of the CF routing tiers, how to use tooling such as the CF Diego Operator Toolkit ("cfdot") to inspect the app instances and CF components in a deployment, and other features that the core Cloud Foundry teams are working on or considering for development today.

After attending this talk, you'll be ready to operate your Diego-based CF deployment with confidence and to take advantage of the powerful features it provides for your users and their applications.

avatar for Eric Malm

Eric Malm

Staff Software Engineer, Pivotal Software
Eric works at Pivotal Software as a product manager and as the lead for the CF App Runtime PMC. Prior to that, he was the Project Lead for the CF Diego team and a software engineer on the Diego and CF Runtime teams. He has presented at several previous Cloud Foundry Summit events... Read More →

Friday April 20, 2018 11:25am - 11:55am EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
  Core Projects
  • Experience Level Any

12:05pm EDT

Inaugural Core Project Update: CF Services API & OSBAPI - Matt McNeeney & Jennifer Spinney, SUSE
The Cloud Foundry Services API project was launched in September 2017 and has already made a number of key improvements to the developer experience provisioning and managing services.

This inaugural project update from the team will include:
- The project's goals
- Who is working on the project (multiple companies, multiple time zones)
- What we've achieved so far (including configuration parameter schemas and the ability to share service instances across orgs and spaces)
- What's upcoming
- An overview of the Open Service Broker API project

We'll then give a live demo showing some of the new developer experiences in action (across both Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes!).

avatar for Matt McNeeney

Matt McNeeney

Product Manager, Independent
Matt is a Product Manager who has spent the last few years building products that enable developers to easily discover and consume the tools they need to get their applications into production. Matt has presented talks on all things marketplaces and service brokers at various conferences... Read More →

Jen Spinney

Software Engineer, SUSE
Jen Spinney is a software engineer for SUSE, working from Nuremberg, Germany. She’s been a core developer of Cloud Foundry for almost 3 years, working on Diego, CAPI, and the Services API & Open Service Broker teams.

Friday April 20, 2018 12:05pm - 12:35pm EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
  Core Projects

2:05pm EDT

Automate Your Life with BOSH Bootloader - Genevieve L'Esperance & Evan Farrar, Pivotal
Well, actually, you need all this other stuff and it won't really change your life, but maybe your life as a Cloud Foundry operator.

In our talk we will illustrate how to bootstrap Cloud Foundry with bbl and concourse. Starting with a blank IaaS, we'll describe how to get your first BOSH director running concourse, then how to configure concourse to make more BOSH directors running CF, and finally how to configure concourse to update everything (including concourse!) This talk will focus less on hands-on demonstration and more on the philosophy for using these tools in your production deployment.


Evan Farrar

Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Evan Farrar is a Product Manager at Pivotal, Cloud Foundry core contributor currently working on the Infrastructure team, which maintains BOSH Bootloader. In his spare time, he runs an orphanage for BOSH deployment manifests at http://github.com/evanfarrar.
avatar for Genevieve L'Esperance

Genevieve L'Esperance

Engineering Manager, Pivotal
Genevieve L’Esperance is an Engineering Manager at Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Most recently, she was the engineering lead of the Infrastructure team responsible for solutions that provision and configure Infrastructure-as-a-Service resources. Currently, she is making the experience... Read More →

Friday April 20, 2018 2:05pm - 2:35pm EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
  Core Projects
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2:45pm EDT

Windows Server Containers for Application Runtime - Matthew Horan & Sunjay Bhatia, Pivotal
The Garden Windows team has been hard at work extending the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime with support for Windows Server Containers. We'll be providing an update on our progress in implementing Windows Server Containers support, and discuss the architecture of this implementation. We'll assess the new file-system and network isolation provided by Windows Server Containers, and cover some of the differences between Windows Server 2012R2 "containers" and what's offered in Windows Server 2016. We'll discuss some future roadmap items like OCI image support and other features that have been unlocked by Microsoft's container implementation. Finally, we'll provide a demo of the Windows Server Containers functionality currently present in cf-deployment.


Sunjay Bhatia

Software Engineer, Pivotal
Sunjay Bhatia is a software engineer at Pivotal Cloud Foundry, working on the Diego container runtime team. He has previously worked on the Garden-Windows team, helping to bring Windows Server Containers to Cloud Foundry.
avatar for Matthew Horan

Matthew Horan

Software Engineer, Pivotal
Matthew Horan has spent over a decade developing Web applications. Before becoming a developer, he worked as a systems administrator at various startups and hosting providers. Having worked with just about every configuration management tool, and being a developer by trade, he was... Read More →

Friday April 20, 2018 2:45pm - 3:15pm EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
  Core Projects

3:45pm EDT

Generic Config API: Beyond Cloud, Runtime, and CPI Configs - David Ansari, SAP SE
This talk starts by demystifying the existing cloud, runtime, and CPI conifg types and revealing weaknesses of their corresponding API endpoints.

We then present the new generic config API which not only unifies existing configs but, most notably, allows operators to upload any type of config to the BOSH director providing versioning, diffing and branching functionalities out-of-the-box.

For BOSH operators, these new config types enable unforeseeable uses cases. We present a couple of use cases which are already in the backlog and explain how operators can leverage the functionalities introduced by generic configs.

avatar for David Ansari

David Ansari

Developer, SAP
David works as an open source software developer at SAP. After completing the Pivotal Dojo program in San Francisco he joined the BOSH Openstack CPI team in Walldorf, Germany.

Friday April 20, 2018 3:45pm - 4:15pm EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
  Core Projects

4:25pm EDT

CF Networking: Policy, Service Discovery, & Beyond - Angela Chin & Usha Ramachandran, Pivotal
Last year, the CF Networking team introduced direct communication between microservices and fine-grained, application-based policy through the creation of a new networking stack. With these features, operators are able to deploy microservices securely, removing the need for applications with sensitive information to have public routes.

However, the work did not stop there! Learn about new features the Networking team have introduced in the past year such as platform service discovery and integration with 3rd party networking plugins! Through these enhancements, we will demonstrate how easy it has become for operators to enable direct, secure traffic between their applications.

avatar for Angela Chin

Angela Chin

Senior Software Engineer, Pivotal
Angela is a software engineer at Pivotal, currently working on all things networking and service mesh related. She has contributed to open source Cloud Foundry, primarily in areas related to networking and routing, and also previously worked on improving the Day 2 experience of Kubernetes... Read More →
avatar for Usha Ramachandran

Usha Ramachandran

Staff Product Manager, Pivotal
Usha is a Staff Product Manager at Pivotal and currently doing a rotation on the Platform Architecture team. Over her tenure at Pivotal, she was responsible for prioritizing and delivering networking and policy capabilities for Cloud Foundry. Usha has over 15 years of networking experience... Read More →

Friday April 20, 2018 4:25pm - 4:55pm EDT
Meeting Room 252A/B
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