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Thursday, April 19

10:50am EDT

Demo Theater: New Open Source Project -- Simplified Management of Complex Business Applications - Nikolay Valchev, SAP
Most business applications comprise of multiple micro-services with intricate dependencies on each other, backing services as well as external services. The development, deployment, and configuration of such polyglot, distributed applications introduce a variety of lifecycle and orchestration challenges. To address these challenges, SAP has built a solution extending the Cloud Foundry platform called MultiApps, which has recently been open sourced. In this demo session, you will see the benefits of the MultiApps model in action and also get to directly interact with one of the main authors of this project.

avatar for Nikolay Valchev

Nikolay Valchev

Development architect, SAP
Nikolay is currently leading the development of the deployment service, providing enterprise grade software qualities in application lifecycle management for SAP Cloud Platform. Nikolay is regular presenter on external and SAP internal conferences and local events in Bulgaria.

Thursday April 19, 2018 10:50am - 11:10am EDT
The Foundry, Exhibit Hall A

1:20pm EDT

Demo Theater: Better Together: How Kubernetes Complements Your Cloud App Platform - Jaime Gonzalez Aguilar, Senior Platform Architect, Pivotal
We all know how well the Cloud Foundry App Platform runs Spring workloads. But what about systems that don't adhere to 12 factor principles? Use Kubernetes! In this session, we'll show how to connect a Spring Boot app running in Pivotal Application Service, to a Cassandra cluster running in Pivotal Container Service. We will also illustrate how Pivotal Container Service provides self-service access to manage multiple k8s clusters, and how all these pieces fit together within the Cloud Foundry ecosystem

avatar for Jaime Gonzalez Aguilar

Jaime Gonzalez Aguilar

Senior Platform Architect, Pivotal
Jaime Gonzalez Aguilar is a Senior Platform Architect at Pivotal. He works with large organizations from different industries on a daily basis helping them with the adoption of cloud-native patterns, methodologies and technologies, with special focus on CloudFoundry. Before working... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 1:20pm - 1:40pm EDT
The Foundry, Exhibit Hall A

1:45pm EDT

Demo Theater: Make .NET amazing on Cloud Foundry – The new experience on Azure - Ning Kuang, Microsoft
Welcome .NET developers! CF community has worked hard to make .NET a first-class citizen on Cloud Foundry. In this section, we will build and deploy a .NET web service on Azure, walking through your experience as a .NET developer: from a .NET Core build pack, to Visual Studio Team Services, to the Windows stack. The web service connects to Azure services using Open Service Broker for Azure, and logs events to Azure Application Insights. Not only you will find your familiar .NET development environment, but you will also experience how it is seamlessly integrated with the Cloud Foundry dev environment across platforms. Plus, you’ll understand the newest Cloud Foundry features on Azure, including CF Shared Volume Service for SMB.

avatar for Ning Kuang

Ning Kuang

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
Senior Program Manager from Microsoft Azure Compute team, focusing on open source application platforms and tools, manages the key projects for Cloud Foundry on Azure. Previously Ning worked as a program manager for Azure Linux deployment solutions, as well as software engineer for... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 1:45pm - 2:05pm EDT
The Foundry, Exhibit Hall A

2:10pm EDT

4:25pm EDT

Demo Theater: IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment - Simon Moser, IBM
The Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment service allows enterprise customers to create and manage isolated environments for hosting Cloud Foundry applications exclusively for their enterprise. It provides self-service deployment and elastic consumption model, rapid deployment, complete access to Cloud Foundry admin operations, and is fully integrated with IBM Cloud offerings to build complex applications that can consume Cognitive and Analytic services.

avatar for Simon Moser

Simon Moser

Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Cloud Foundry, IBM
Simon Moser has been with IBM since 2003, where he is currently the lead architect for the Cloud Foundry part of the IBM Cloud. He is interested in many aspects of clouds and distributed systems, emphasising on technologies that allow systems to manage themselves. After receiving... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 4:25pm - 4:45pm EDT
The Foundry, Exhibit Hall A
Friday, April 20

11:10am EDT

Demo Theater: Building Secure Image Pipelines with Kubernetes & Harbor - Merlin Glynn, VMware
Today’s developer needs to rapidly build and deploy code in a consistent, predictable, and declarative manner. This session will illustrate how development teams can leverage open source foundations such as Kubernetes, Harbor, and Concourse to achieve these goals with their image management. This demonstration will include a demo of a fully automated CI/CD pipeline solution that can be used to ensure CVE’s detected in your image build process can be dealt with before they actually run in your environment.

avatar for Merlin Glynn

Merlin Glynn

Sr Technical Partner Manager,  VMware
Merlin Glynn is a Product Manager at VMware, where he builds products that help customers architect and deploy cloud-native applications. Merlin has been building complex environments as an architect for over 20 years, focusing on solutions for large enterprises and the academic and... Read More →

Friday April 20, 2018 11:10am - 11:30am EDT
The Foundry, Exhibit Hall A

12:45pm EDT

Demo Theater: Planetary Cloud Foundry on GCP - Meaghan Kjelland & Casey West, Google
Google Cloud Platform has many advanced networking features and products that are also used to power Google's other services such as Gmail, Maps, and YouTube. This infrastructure can also be used to bring multi-region load-balancing capabilities to Cloud Foundry and its applications. In this demo, you'll see a multi-region Cloud Foundry deployment on GCP along with an application that uses Google Spanner as it's backing datastore.

avatar for Meaghan Kjelland

Meaghan Kjelland

Software Engineer, Google
Meaghan is a software engineer on the GKE cluster lifecycle team at Google. She is currently working on building tools that make it easy to manage the lifecycle of a Kubernetes cluster in on-premise environments. Before joining the GKE team, she worked on another team at Google building... Read More →

Casey West

Architecture Advocate, Google
Casey West is an Architecture Advocate at Google. His career has spanned information security, application platforms, internet infrastructure, enterprise collaboration, ISPs, and design firms. Thanks to early Open Source contributions every Mac has his name and email address on i... Read More →

Friday April 20, 2018 12:45pm - 1:05pm EDT
The Foundry, Exhibit Hall A

1:10pm EDT

Demo Theater: Making AI based monitoring a platform feature with the power of BOSH - Michael Villiger, Dynatrace
Analysts state that most organizations only use APM for 5% of their deployed applications. In a world where apps are what defines your brand and application architectures are becoming more complex, monitoring is no longer a nice to have. Learn how Dynatrace has utilized the power of BOSH to make application and platform monitoring with automated root cause analysis a platform feature with three easy steps.

avatar for Michael Villiger

Michael Villiger

Sr Technical Partner Manager, Dynatrace
Mike has spent the last 20 years occupying various engineering positions surrounding web-scale performance, architecture, and operations before joining Dynatrace in 2014. At Dynatrace Mike has specialized in assisting customers implementing Application Performance Management technologies... Read More →

Friday April 20, 2018 1:10pm - 1:30pm EDT
The Foundry, Exhibit Hall A

1:35pm EDT

Demo Theater: A New Cloud Foundry Approach for the Modern Enterprise - Troy Topnik, SUSE
SUSE have built a certified distribution of Cloud Foundry that is delivered as part of SUSE Cloud Application Platform, an application delivery platform that integrates Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes. Troy Topnik will demonstrate how it uses a SUSE Linux stack for staging and running user applications, how it is built on containerized SUSE Linux stemcells, and how it uses Kubernetes to orchestrate those containers.

avatar for Troy Topnik

Troy Topnik

Product Manager, Cloud Application Platform, SUSE
Troy is a Senior Product Manager responsible for SUSE Cloud Application Platform. He began working with Cloud Foundry shortly after its open source debut in 2011, and has been a technical writer, instructor, and product manager with the ActiveState and HPE Helion Stackato teams.

Friday April 20, 2018 1:35pm - 1:55pm EDT
The Foundry, Exhibit Hall A