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Operating Cloud Foundry [clear filter]
Thursday, April 19

11:15am EDT

Introduction to the Operating Cloud Foundry Track - Susan Wu, VMware & Sandy Cash, IBM

Sandy Cash

Senior SW Engineer and Cloud Architect, IBM
Sandy is a Senior Software Engineer and Cloud Architect for IBM who has worked in a variety of roles, including development, architecture, and consulting. Past projects have included designing and implementing enterprise and hybrid clouds, as well as advising clients on their cloud... Read More →
avatar for Susan Wu

Susan Wu

Senior Product Marketing Manager, VM Ware
VMware, a global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, helps customers realize possibilities by accelerating their digital transformation journeys. With VMware solutions, organizations are improving business agility by modernizing data centers and integrating public... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 11:15am - 11:25am EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B

11:25am EDT

Operating PCF via Concourse. Or, How to Sleep More and Worry Less - Therese Stowell & Ryan Pei, Pivotal & Yuri Litvinovich, Scotiabank
Cloud Foundry has a lot of knobs and dials. If you’re an operations team, how can you ensure that you have declarative, repeatable processes for installation, upgrade, and disaster recovery? Leveraging published Concourse pipelines turns operations from snowflake-creation to push-button rinse & repeat.

This talk will feature both the folks building CF and the folks operating CF. They’ll discuss and demonstrate using Concourse to install, upgrade, and manage disaster recovery on CF, including DR strategies like active-inflate aimed at reducing recovery time. They’ll give real world examples of how they manage multiple CF installations and can offer CF as a Product to their app developers, with guaranteed SLAs and well defined RTOs. And they’ll discuss reference architectures that accommodate CF, Credhub, and Concourse.

avatar for Therese Stowell

Therese Stowell

Director, Product Management, Cloud R&D, Pivotal
Therese Stowell is Director, Product Management at Pivotal. She has worked in the software industry for 20+ years as programmer, interface designer, and product manager. She developed the command line environment in Windows, founded a successful social enterprise, and was part of... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 11:25am - 11:55am EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B
  Operating Cloud Foundry
  • Experience Level Any

12:05pm EDT

Disaster Recovery for Kubernetes Just Got Easier - Michael Rhodes, Dell EMC
In this talk we will walk through the value of running services in Kubernetes clusters, how they can be integrated quickly into Cloud Foundry, (via the Open Service Broker API), and how you can use a new OSB API extensions model called “Actions” to offer up backup & restore utilities to your end users. Pair all of this with Dell EMC Data Domain to reduce the transfer and storage size of backup data and you have a solid production data service story.

This topic is especially relevant with the release of Kubernetes persistent volumes there has been a shift in the way that data services are being deployed to production. Service Providers can choose from an endless number of open source components and get an (almost) production ready database up and running in kubernetes very quickly. With help from the Open Service Broker API and its extensions enhancement, Cloud Foundry Administrators can integrate kubernetes backed services into their platforms and give their users additional tools for managing instances, such as backup and restore.

avatar for Michael Rhodes

Michael Rhodes

Cloud Native Architect, Dell EMC
Michael Rhodes is a Cloud Native Architect in Dell EMCs Data Protection Division. Mike has a twelve-year career at Dell EMC designing and implementing hardware and software system management products. He started with networking and compute management with Dell EMC Smarts, then moved... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 12:05pm - 12:35pm EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B

12:45pm EDT

Accelerating Developer Adoption of Cloud Foundry - Matthew Gunter, Pivotal & Luis Amadeo, Ultimate Software
Developer Adoption of CF is important to Platform Teams and CF stakeholders.  

In this talk, we will look at the specific practices and broader cultural factors that can accelerate adoption  (...and the downstream Business Impacts).
Insights will be shared from Ultimate SW &  5 different adopters of CF and we view those insights from the perspective of the organization's "CF Journey" and their "culture and technical situation"  using a version of the Denison Cultural Analysis Model.

CoPresented by Ultimate Software's Distinguished Architect Luis Amadeo-

avatar for Luis Amadeo

Luis Amadeo

Distinguished Architect, Cloud Architecture, Ultimate Software
avatar for Matt Gunter

Matt Gunter

Principal Platform Architect, Pivotal
Matt Gunter works at Pivotal as a Senior Platform Architect where he helps Enterprises transform the way they build, deploy, run and operate their applications. He is regularly asked to speak on Cloud Native trends and adoption with Pivotal customers and regional industry events... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 12:45pm - 1:15pm EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B

2:35pm EDT

Who Runs the Cloud - Ludwig Paulsen & Andrea Hirzle-Yager, Allianz
So, you have decided to migrate your organization's deployment platform over to Cloud Foundry. Next step is to roll up your sleeves and deep dive into the migration and setup of PCF with your team. But wait, who should be on that team? How do you make sure you have the the right skills on the team? How should this team work and where does its responsibility start and end? What does it mean to have an Agile operations team? And why are we suddenly talking about SLOs and SLIs, and not SLAs anymore?

In this talk, we will tell our story about setting up a brand new CloudOps team in a large enterprise and how we were able to answer the questions above. We will provide a glimpse into our daily routines, team size, room setup, and project and product organization. If you want to know how to transform a traditional platform operations to a platform product team, this will be your chance.

avatar for Andrea Hirzle-Yager

Andrea Hirzle-Yager

Head of Department, Allianz Deutchland AG
Experienced change agent with international background; committed to increasing technology value for the business by improving efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Proven expertise at creating IT strategy and business transformation with a clear customer focus. Successful motivational... Read More →

Ludwig Paulsen

Allianz Deutchland AG
Ludwig works at Allianz Germany's Cloud Ops Team as the product owner. He oversees the development of all platforms offered to the developer community at Allianz.

Thursday April 19, 2018 2:35pm - 3:05pm EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B

3:15pm EDT

Simpler Releases, Faster Upgrades: BOSH Package Vendoring and Colocated Errands - Maria Ntalla & Maya Rosecrance, Pivotal
Until now, authors of BOSH releases have had to package any dependencies their software needed in their release. While this offers great flexibility, it means that for more complex deployments, there is unnecessary duplication of third-party dependencies. This also makes it difficult to patch external dependencies as they are kept in so many places.

One-off tasks are typically packaged as BOSH errand jobs. Until now, running BOSH errands would require spinning up a VM at the IaaS level. That’s costly and can take up to several minutes, depending on the IaaS.

BOSH recently introduced two very powerful features: package vendoring and errand colocation. Attendees will learn how to use them to simplify release package management, make deployments smaller in footprint, speed up operating and upgrading BOSH deployments.

avatar for Maria Ntalla

Maria Ntalla

Engineering Manager, Pivotal
Maria is a software engineer and engineering manager at Pivotal, working on the Kubernetes open-source contributions team. She previously worked on CloudFoundry. She has spoken at CF Summit conferences since 2016, and more recently at SpringOne platform.

Maya Rosecrance

Software Engineer, Pivotal
Maya is a Software Engineer on the Pivotal CF Redis team. Previously she was a part of Pivotal Labs. She's spoken at CF Summit Boston 2018.

Thursday April 19, 2018 3:15pm - 3:45pm EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B

3:55pm EDT

CF Application Runtime on CF Container Runtime (Kubernetes) - Thinh Nguyen, EMC
Due to CF Application Runtime(CFAR) and CF Container Runtime (CFCR) benefits, we use them for automating applications deployments in the cloud. However, as CFAR usually underutilizes its cloud infrastructure due to its large resource consumption, we experimentally put its components on top of CFCR. As a result, we got a utilized and scalable combination that brings the best of both platforms for cloud application deployments.

avatar for Thinh Nguyen

Thinh Nguyen

Software Engineer 2, Dell EMC
- Cloud Foundry contributor. - Speaker at CF summit Santa Clara 2017 and CF summit North America 2018. - Work under Dell EMC Technology Research and Innovation Group.

Thursday April 19, 2018 3:55pm - 4:25pm EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B

4:45pm EDT

Immutability for Cloud Foundry: Security in a Cloud Native World - Nolan Karpinski, Immutable Systems
In a cloud native environment, with applications that are abstracted from infrastructure such as Cloud Foundry based apps, there is an opportunity to reconsider the fundamental approach to security.

Bracket Computing has been working closely with the Cloud Foundry community to create new tools to harden a CF foundation and make it truly immutable. A truly immutable infrastructure will include controls to assure that stemcells cannot be modified even with the highest levels of privilege. This means that even with root access, a truly immutable infrastructure will resist the attack.

Bracket has developed a unique architecture that applies security and immutability controls via a virtualization layer called the Metavisor that wraps every stemcell. Enforcing immutability with Metavisor means that the controls cannot be bypassed even if an attacker gains root access to the stemcell VM.

This talk will focus on five areas required to achieve infrastructure immutability for CF:

1. Kernel immutability. Critical parts of the kernel such as the system call table should be protected.
2. File immutability. All file changes should be tracked and authorized.
3. Privilege immutability. Privilege changes should be monitored and/or disallowed.
4. Process immutability. Certain processes, for example a web server, should never spawn shells or execute unknown code.
5. Network immutability. Allowed ports and protocols should be static at runtime.


Nolan Karpinski

Product Manager, Immutable Systems
Nolan Karpinski is a Product Manager at Immutable Systems, focusing on server immutability. He is responsible for bringing Immutable Systems's Server Guard product to market. Immutable Systems was founded with a big goal: To deliver enterprise grade security controls without impacting... Read More →

Thursday April 19, 2018 4:45pm - 5:15pm EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B
  Operating Cloud Foundry
  • Experience Level Any

5:25pm EDT

How The Gap Uses Open Source Technologies - including OpenStack and Cloud Foundry - to drive one of the largest consumer retail experiences in the world - Elijah Elliott & Tige Chastain, GAP
At The Gap, open source is a critical component for an always-changing and evolving infrastructure to serve one of the largest online and offline consumer retail offerings in the world. The company takes advantage of a multi-cloud approach at the infrastructure layer and this includes OpenStack - widely regarded as the go-to solution for open source infrastructure. This talk will discuss the decision process to using and implementing both OpenStack and Cloud Foundry - how both technologies are being used today and how they're going to be included in larger initiatives for the retail giant as the shift to a digital-first business accelerates.

avatar for Eli Elliott

Eli Elliott

Principal Software Engineer, Gap Inc.
Cloud cloud cloud. I'm the cloud guy.

Thursday April 19, 2018 5:25pm - 5:55pm EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B
  Operating Cloud Foundry
  • Experience Level Any
Friday, April 20

11:25am EDT

Platform Automation the Pivotal Way: How I Learned to Stop Typing and Love the Operations Manager - Alan McGinlay, Pivotal
Operational efficiency is a key goal in the world of cloud platforms, but how you get there is your choice.

The Pivotal Network and Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Manager provide customers with cosy browser interfaces for deploying and upgrading robust distributed systems without you ever getting your hands really dirty. But where's the catch?

With major releases of Pivotal Cloud Foundry scheduled every quarter and the spectre of critical vulnerability lurking around every corner, your business depends upon a reliable and repeatable strategy for repaving all your instances with confidence and speed. The words "mouse" or "keyboard" should not feature in your solution, but where does that leave us with the Operations Manager?

In this session, Alan will discuss his experiences with the Operations Manager and how a chance encounter with the Ops Manager API led to some deep dives and a new way of thinking about CI/CD in the platform space.

avatar for Alan McGinlay

Alan McGinlay

Principal Technical Instructor, Pivotal
Alan is a Principal Technical Instructor for Pivotal. Using Cloud Foundry with a sprinkling of cloud-native development magic, Alan enables customers across a number of verticals to transform the way they build and deploy modern software. Alan is the primary contributor to Pivotal's... Read More →

Friday April 20, 2018 11:25am - 11:55am EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B

12:05pm EDT

4 Principles of Release Engineering with BOSH - Maria Ntalla & Jatin Naik, Pivotal
Cloud operators want to be able to run and deploy systems repeatedly, reliably, consistently and on a variety of cloud providers. BOSH is a unique tool, that can manage the release engineering, deployment and lifecycle of complex distributed systems like CloudFoundry, kubernetes and Concourse.

In this talk Maria and Jatin will cover the principles that BOSH was built on, that allow operators to orchestrate and converge cloud deployments. We will also go through the basic mechanics of BOSH like releases and deployments and compare and contrast it to other release engineering and deployment orchestration tools. We would highlight how using BOSH allows release authors to ship software consistently and enables continuous integration and delivery.


Jatin Naik

Jatin is a software engineer for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, currently working on BOSH Backup & Restore. He has previously spoken at Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017, Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2016 and is a regular at the London PaaS User Group.
avatar for Maria Ntalla

Maria Ntalla

Engineering Manager, Pivotal
Maria is a software engineer and engineering manager at Pivotal, working on the Kubernetes open-source contributions team. She previously worked on CloudFoundry. She has spoken at CF Summit conferences since 2016, and more recently at SpringOne platform.

Friday April 20, 2018 12:05pm - 12:35pm EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B
  Operating Cloud Foundry
  • Experience Level Any

2:05pm EDT

Customizing Your Windows Experience - Pick Your Own Journey - Guna Vijayaratnam & Rick Ross, Pivotal
Cloud Foundry provides users with a great deal of flexibility in terms of customizing the Windows experience (at the IaaS or Application) on the platform. There are several layers where this customization can be accomplished - through Bosh managed Windows releases or the actual Windows containers that host the applications.

Some of the areas that customers typically have a need to customize include:

1. Managing additional Windows services thats running on the actual VM.
2. Customizing frameworks that developers need to run their applications.
3. Managing 3rd party add-ons that are necessary to the telemetry and monitoring of their applications from an enterprise monitoring tool.

In this talk, Guna and Rick will cover strategies for accomplishing each of these tasks with a brief example of how they can be accomplished.


Rick Ross

Advisory Platform Architect, Pivotal
Rick Ross works at Pivotal as a Advisory Platform Architect where he helps Fortune 500 companies transform the way they build, deploy, run and operate their applications. He is a published author and has spoken at technical conferences such as Dreamforce in locations around the w... Read More →
avatar for Guna Vijayaratnam

Guna Vijayaratnam

Platform Architect, Pivotal

Friday April 20, 2018 2:05pm - 2:35pm EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B

2:45pm EDT

Automating Your Automation, or How I Learnt to Love the Pipeline - Kevin Rutten & James Hunt, Stark & Wayne
Automation with pipelines is a critical part to modern development and operations. Pipelines reduce human errors, improve testing, and improve workflow. Why wouldn’t you want to automate something? Kevin and James want to help show you some of the tools, templates, and tutorials that will make you too love the Pipeline

- The "repipe" concept
- Go-binary release pipeline template
- Things learnt supporting CloudFoundry-Community pipelines
- Highlights from Pivotal’s PCF-Pipeline scripts
- Creating pipelines automatically 
- Automating the pulling data from vSphere

avatar for James Hunt

James Hunt

Director, R&D, Stark & Wayne
James Hunt is the Director of Research & Design at Stark & Wayne, a leading Cloud-Native consultancy. He has authored dozens of Open Source projects, including: SHIELD, Safe, Gluon, Spruce, and more.
avatar for Kevin Rutten

Kevin Rutten

Cloud Engineer, Stark & Wayne
Kevin Rutten is a Cloud Engineer at Stark & Wayne. He has worked with everything from eight-bit microprocessors, to setting up new Data Centres and is currently developing the tools to streamline the deployment and maintenance of BOSH and Cloud Foundry components. Kevin has worked... Read More →

Friday April 20, 2018 2:45pm - 3:15pm EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B

3:45pm EDT

Customizable CI/CD with Cloud Foundry - Wei-Min Lu & Yuebin Shen, Anchora
CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) is an essential requirement for enterprise PaaS solution. Due to different process requirements from difference users, it is required that CI/CD be made customizable by the users. In this presentation, we will introduce such a flexible CI/CD solution that provides an end-to-end application continuous delivery process via visualized methods with various built-in services. This approach enables the complete process from app development to deployment with seamlessly integration with Cloud Foundry. It supports the app deployment onto the Cloud Foundry platform using code packages or image files, process verification and approval, module self-definition, and notification etc.


Wei-Min Lu

Dr. Lu is the founder and CEO of Anchora (MoPaaS), which is the leading cloud platform solution provider in China that builds the converged platform solution that enables both the first public open cloud platform service (MoPaaS: http://www.mopaas.com) and an enterprise-class PaaS... Read More →

Friday April 20, 2018 3:45pm - 4:15pm EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B

4:25pm EDT

Data Protection for a Modern Cloud - James Hunt, Stark & Wayne
Your BOSH / Cloud Foundry infrastructure is filled with critical data, from deployment metadata in BOSH, to org / space data in CF, to application data in your BOSH-deployed marketplace services. SHIELD is a Data Protection Solution that helps you backup that important data, off-site, and restore it in the event of all-out catastrophe. It provides scheduling, archive retention, and data encryption.

avatar for James Hunt

James Hunt

Director, R&D, Stark & Wayne
James Hunt is the Director of Research & Design at Stark & Wayne, a leading Cloud-Native consultancy. He has authored dozens of Open Source projects, including: SHIELD, Safe, Gluon, Spruce, and more.

shield pdf

Friday April 20, 2018 4:25pm - 4:55pm EDT
Meeting Room 257A/B
  Operating Cloud Foundry
  • Experience Level Any