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Joshua Davis

Platform Consulting Group
Platform Architect
Joshua Davis Born in New York City, Joshua began working for the Telecom and the Travel related industry while specializing in Object Oriented Programming in C++ with the Oracle toolset (PRO*C, PL/SQL, Forms, Reports, etc.). In 1999, Joshua decided to become a full-time Java Developer. In 2004 he met Rod Johnson, the original author of the Spring Framework at the J2EE Server Side Only Conference and has been a Spring Framework advocate ever since. Joshua spoke at SpringOne and the GR8 conference in 2010. He has also published articles in Groovy and Grails magazine. An early adopter of Cloud and micro-services, he joined SpringSource Professional Services in 2011 and transitioned into Pivotal Software in 2013. As a Pivotal Solution Architect Joshua deployed, created solutions, and mentored the early adoption of Pivotal Cloud Foundry. In 2015 Joshua left employment with Pivotal and is currently working for the Platform Consulting Group. Joshua is married with two grown-up children and has lived in the Orlando, FL area for 27 years. Speaking experience: 2010 SpringOne Conference (2 sessions) 2010 GR8 conference (2 sessions) 2015 Pivotal Cloud Foundry Roadshow – Atlanta, GA 2015 Pivotal Cloud Foundry Roadshow – Tampa, FL 2015 Pivotal Cloud Foundry Roadshow – Charlotte, NC