Madus Momberg

When a problem seems impossible to solve, when teeth grind, tables get flipped and hair gets pulled out, it means only one thing for Mandus Momberg: that’s when you turn on an episode of Star Trek and pull up your sleeves. Mandus has a passion for solving difficult problems in a simple and elegant way. When at 11 years old he got frustrated with a bad telephone line and a continuously disconnecting dial-up modem, he wrote a custom dialing program using Cobol. At 21, when stared down by a fleet of unintelligent remote digital advertising devices, he engineered a self-healing, battery-powered VPN device. He’s in love with the Open Source community. Mandus joined AWS at the age of 27 where he became one of the First Big Data System Engineers, working with customers on building effective data storage and analytic strategies. In his natural habitat, you can find Mandus inciting arguments such as Tabs vs Spaces and mumbling about his excitement about the cloud, containers and big data. This also earned him the title of Application Platform Lead within the Amazon Web Services Partner Solution Architect team.