Sheryl Maris

"Before starting with Boeing, Sheryl was in the customer service industry, never finding the challenges she thrived for. A single mother of 2, she went back to college in 2006 earning three degrees. Sheryl now thrives for the challenges she encounters as a core member of the PCF Core Team at Boeing. She has learned and implemented technologies such as Concourse pipelines and Fly CLI , Bosh, CF CLI, Operations and Application manager, vSphere, Minio S3 blob store, GIT, just to name a few. She created the first Concourse Installation pipeline used at Boeing, which fully automates the installation of a base foundation. She teamed with the PCF Core Team and Security to implement security requirements within the Runtime config. Sheryl truly enjoys developing new IT skills, enhancing leadership attributes, and increasing her responsibilities by taking on the most difficult assignments and focuses on making her Boeing customers successful.

I truly encourage other women (and men) to get involved in PCF. It’s really not that hard. I have nothing but good things to say about how Pivotal helped us deploy CF, how my team and our Pivots helped me learn through pairing, how it was so easy to pick this up. This technology is truly transformative for any company. Maybe that’s the secret to CF; it’s pretty easy to learn and implement, but so powerful once in place. I truly enjoy spending time with my family, hiking with my dog Spenser, and anything spicy!